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Best Shark Toys – Education and Reading

Board Books

Hand Puppet Book: Sneezy Wheezy Mr Shark

With all the electronic gizmos around, it is harder and harder to get small children to sit and be read to.  Reading to your child, however, is an important way to raise them to be a strong reader.  This book really helps capture little ones’ attention.  The shark’s mouth is a hand puppet allowing you to make him interact with your child.



Little Shark: Finger Puppet Board Book

This is another book that helps reading compete with the electronic entertainment your child is exposed to!  The book comes with a finger puppet allowing you to interactively go through the pages with your child.  Or allow your child to play with the puppet while you read.  Either way, this book is a winner!


The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark

Board books are sturdy enough for the smallest readers.  This clever retelling of the classic tale of the 3 pigs is sure to be a hit at your house.  Children love the newness of the underwater twist (“not by the skin of my finny fin fin) coupled with the predictability of a familiar story.  This makes a great teacher gift!


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Shark Books

Sharks (Discovery Kids)

This reference book is a must have for shark lovers of any age.  It is filled with beautiful action shots as well as tons of information.  Your little one can learn about shark behavior, habitats and adaptations, as well as the different species and which ones are endangered.  Tons of information and beautiful pictures!


Hark! A Shark!: All About Sharks

We probably all have a favorite Dr Seuss book.  This book might be your child’s favorite if they love sharks.  The beloved Cat In The Hat will offer up tons of shark facts delivered in a concise, fun to read format.



National Geographic Readers: Sharks!

Did you know sharks can lose and regrow 10,000 teeth in their lifetime?  This book is full of interesting, fun and educational facts.  The information is presented in an easy-to-understand manner that will appeal to young shark enthusiasts. This book is a Science Reader Level 2 book.


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Sharks 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzles are great for developing hand-eye coordination and problem solving abilities.  This 100 piece shark puzzle pictures many different types of sharks, all labeled with their names.  It is educational as well as fun for the whole family!



Melissa & Doug Shark Jigsaw Puzzle (100 pcs)

This 100 piece puzzle by Melissa & Doug pictures an appropriately scary shark surrounded by stunning marine life.  It is just the right difficulty for elementary age children. Puzzles are great for developing fine motor skills and critical thinking ability and perfect for your child to do independently or as a family activity.


Howard Robinson’s Super 3D Kids 100 Pc 3D Puzzle – Ages 5+ – 12″ x 9″ – Shark Selfies

This is part of the selfie series of puzzles.  Each puzzle pictures a “selfie” taken by different animals, in this case, a bunch of sharks.  Your child will love this silly concept, especially as the pictures moves with the eyes to make it more lifelike.




4D Vision Great White Shark Anatomy Model

While this 13” model is sure to be a hit, it is really more of an educational tool than a toy.  It comes with 20 detachable parts, including organs and bones.  Also includes some educational material and questions and answers about the Great White shark.



Shark Tooth Dig Kit – By National Geographic

If your shark lover is a budding archeologist or marine biologist, then this is the perfect gift.  The kit contains three real shark tooth fossils which your child has to “unearth”.  Kit includes a pick, a brush and a magnifying glass.  Great hands-on education!