Shark Baking & Cooking Supplies and Candies

Shark Sucker Chocolate Mold

This item combines two of the boys favorite things – sharks and chocolate!  Molds include a lot of detail and produce realistic looking chocolate sharks. Perfect for treats or party favors.  They can also be used to make shark-shaped soap which makes getting the boys to wash their hands a lot easier.



Shark’s Fin Mold

These molds are super versatile.  You can put them in the microwave, the oven or the freezer.  That means you can make shark fin ice cubes, muffins, candy, cake, Jello – the possibilities are endless.  It’s a great way to get the boys to eat zucchini muffins or other healthy treats!

Light Duty Oven Mitt

This item is not suitable for super hot dishes, but you wouldn’t want your child handling those anyway.  It is perfect for allowing them to handle warm dishes and a great way to get them excited about helping out in the kitchen.  The boys also love chasing each other around the house with it.



Large Gummy Sharks Candy

What’s not to love about gummy candy?  It’s even more fun when it’s shaped like a shark.  These look great on top of cupcakes or a cake made to look like a swimming pool.  The blue raspberry flavor is a perennial favorite.  Perfect color and shape for shark-themed parties.


Shark Suckers

These shark suckers make great treats or rewards.  They are also great as party favors or as a way to celebrate Shark Week.  They look cool and they taste great.



Mini Shark Squirts

These are the best!  The boys play with them around the house, use them as squirt guns in the yard and take them in the tub and to the pool.  Squirting someone with water never gets old when you’re a little kid!  They make great cake toppers and party favors as well.


Trolli Sour Watermelon Sharks Gummy Candy

These sour gummy sharks have a great watermelon flavor the boys love.  We use them as a reward for good behavior or a small dessert.  They look cool inside a clear cup filled with blue Jello.