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Best Shark Toys – Lego

LEGO City – Deep Sea Starter Set (60091)

Don’t all boys like Legos?  Don’t all children like Legos?  This set includes a sub, treasure chest, 3 Lego figures, seaweed and a shark.  The instructions are pictures so even a younger child can assemble them.  Part of the Lego City collection.



LEGO City – Great Vehicles Fishing Boat (60147)

This Lego set comes complete with a detailed fishing boat that includes two outboard motors, 2 figures and, of course, a shark.  The shark is detailed and has a mouth that opens and closes.  Whether the boys are fishing for shark or being attacked by a shark while fishing, this playset is always a hit.

LEGO Shark and Sawfish Combo Pack

This set includes two sharks and a sawfish.  The sawfish, also known as a carpenter shark, has a nose that looks like a saw.  My boys love playing with this set, especially because they can interchange the mouths.  The pieces are very detailed and include gills and painted eyes.

LEGO Collectible Minifigure – Shark Suit Guy

This is part of the Lego Collectible Minifigure collection.  Whether the guy is wearing a shark suit or peering out of the mouth of a walking shark who has eaten him, this figure offers lots of imaginative play.


LEGO City Surfer Rescue (60011)

This set includes a Coast Guard boat with a rescue figure, a surfer and, of course, a shark.  It is perfect for allowing all kinds of play scenarios.  There’s a villain, a hero and a hapless victim!  Part of the Lego City collection.