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Baby Shark Toys

Baby Shark Official Song Doll – Baby Shark

A cuddly friend that will sing one of your favorite songs.  The boys love how soft and great to hug it is and I love how low the volume is set.  They can listen over and over without driving me crazy.



Baby Shark Official Song Cube

A soft toy perfect for little ones.  It is easy for them to hold, carry and turn on and off without help.  It doesnt play the entire song but the boys dont seem to mind.




Baby Shark Official Dancing Doll

Bop the shark on the head and he will sing and dance.  Not sure if my kids enjoy the bopping or the singing/dancing more.  This toy is awesome for little ones.  It is easy to turn on, plays the entire Baby Shark song, calls to them when they clap and responds in a fun way if you call out Baby Shark.  Works well on a lot of different flooring types.



Baby Shark Blonde Hair Doll

My boys were not impressed because they are way more interested in sharks than dolls.  But I think a little girl would love this toy.  The Baby Alive doll comes with a baby shark costume you can dress her up in and she suitable for waterplay.



Baby Shark Melody Pad

Perfect gift for a music lover.  It plays 16 songs, including of course the Baby Shark song.  Sound quality is good and it comes with a book of lyrics.  Some of the songs are educational which is always a plus.  It lights up so its great for camping and car rides.



Play-Doh Pinkfong Baby Shark Set with 12 Non-Toxic Cans

This one is a no brainer.  Kids love Play-Doh, sharks and the Baby Shark song and this toy combines all three.  Great for building imagination and fine motor skills. Great for birthday parties – and you can use the cutters to make themed cookies for the occasion!  Be aware it doesnt come with detailed instructions on making the sharks so your mind might get a workout as well!


Puka Creations Personalized Yellow Cutie Baby Shark Light and Sound Toy

This cute toy lights up and plays the Baby Shark song.  Best of all you can have it personalized.  Ideal for children with uniquely spelled names.  It doesnt play the full song, but it is ideal for younger children.

Best Shark Toy – Stuffed Animals

Melissa & Doug Giant Shark – Lifelike Stuffed Animal

This plush shark is 41” long and nicely detailed.  It is cuddly enough to use a pillow and sturdy enough to use as a weapon against your sibling.  Just the right amount of scary!


Plush Mako Shark

This plush 20” shark comes with a tag listing interesting facts about Mako Sharks.  So it’s fun and educational.  It’s more grey than it looks in the picture, but just as soft and cuddly.  It makes a great best friend for your little one.



Plush Sharks – Mako and Hammerhead

This set includes both the 14” Mako  and a 13” Hammerhead.  This means your shark buddy will always have a shark best friend!  Best of all, your little one gets a shark for each arm.


Mako Shark

This great quality plush is super soft.  It is the perfect size for travel – easy to snuggle with in the car seat. Don’t let the softness fool you, it looks fierce.  Best of all it has teeth – the better to bite people with!


Blue Printed Hammerhead Shark Plush Toy

This plush is 24” long so it’s a good pillow as well as a good friend.  It is realistic looking and detailed.  Although appropriately soft, it holds it shape over time. Best of all, it’s a hammerhead and what’s cooler than a shark with a tool for a nose?



Tiger Shark

This shark has one of the friendlier faces among the plush sharks available. If you are looking for a plush that’s not as scary, this is a good pick.



Taddle Toes Plush Shark

A great starter shark for the smaller enthusiast.  This super soft shark is friendly and soft, beloved by kids and dogs alike! It received consistently high ratings from users.



Leopard Shark

This 21” plus will stand out from the rest of the sharks with his cool leopard spots.  On the other hand, his mouth doesn’t open so his biting ability is limited.



Bruce the Bull Shark

This 19” plush shark is very detailed and lifelike. He is a bull shark, so named for their stocky shape, broad flat snout and aggressive and unpredictable natures.  He also happens to be the perfect size to smack your brother with.

Finding Dory’s Destiny Whale Shark

Although the whale shark is the largest known shark, this one is actually small – it is part of the Ty Beanie Baby collection.  Best of all, it is made to look like Destiny, the whale shark from Finding Dory so it is sure to be a hit with your little one.