Best Shark Toy Figures

Schleich Great White Shark Figure

This is a nice sturdy plastic shark that will hold up to constant play.  The Great White is the largest predatory shark and this guy is showing some teeth!  Highly detailed and suitable for water play.



Set of Shark Toy Animals

This set comes complete with 12 sharks.  Each 3” shark is a different type and has the name written on the bottom so this is a great starter set for a little one just learning to identify different kinds of sharks!



Sharks and Deep Sea Creatures – Huge Bucket Set

If your child is into marine life, this is perfect.  41 piece set includes everything they need for hours of creative play. Container makes it easy to tote around – to the pool or the beach, or even Grandma’s house. A lot of sharks included, so your shark enthusiast will not be disappointed.


More Shark Figures

This set includes 6 detailed sharks about 6” long.  Your child can learn about the different types of sharks as the set includes a great white, a whale shark, a black tipped reef shark, lemon shark, tiger shark and a hammerhead shark.



Schleich Tiger Shark

You won’t be disappointed with this beautifully detailed 6” tiger shark.  His mouth is open and he is ready to take a bite!  Great size for a cake topper, small enough to go anywhere.  It’s suitable for water play.

Assorted Sharks

This variety pack is perfect for topping a shark-themed cake, handing out as party favors, stimulating your child’s imagination or using as an educational tool.  Each shark is a different type and nicely detailed and well-made.  We staged our own “Shark Week” in the pool with these figures!


3 Inch Assorted Whale And Shark Toy Figures

Set of 24 sharks and whales is actually 2 sets of 12 so this is perfect if you have two children; they can each have a complete set.  There is a nice variety of sharks and whales so it can be used educationally as well.  The figures are the perfect size for little hands.



Safari Brand Hammerhead Shark

The exacting detail on this hammerhead shark makes it suitable for collecting as well as for play.  It comes with educational material about hammerhead sharks so your little one can learn more about this endangered species.

Mini Plastic Shark & Whale Figures

These 24 3” pieces are perfect as bath toys, favors, prizes or cupcake toppers.  They are a great size for toddler hands and will fit in most size treat bags.  Great quality for the price.  These make a healthy alternative to candy to give out to classmates on Valentine’s Day.


Great White Shark & Killer Whale Playset

This cool playset is a great way for your little one to stretch their imagination.  It includes a mega shark, a whale, a deep sea diver, a tiger shark, a barracuda and a raft.  The boys love acting out scenarios and they especially love that the shark’s jaws really move.