Baby Shark Toys

Baby Shark Official Song Doll – Baby Shark

A cuddly friend that will sing one of your favorite songs.  The boys love how soft and great to hug it is and I love how low the volume is set.  They can listen over and over without driving me crazy.



Baby Shark Official Song Cube

A soft toy perfect for little ones.  It is easy for them to hold, carry and turn on and off without help.  It doesnt play the entire song but the boys dont seem to mind.




Baby Shark Official Dancing Doll

Bop the shark on the head and he will sing and dance.  Not sure if my kids enjoy the bopping or the singing/dancing more.  This toy is awesome for little ones.  It is easy to turn on, plays the entire Baby Shark song, calls to them when they clap and responds in a fun way if you call out Baby Shark.  Works well on a lot of different flooring types.



Baby Shark Blonde Hair Doll

My boys were not impressed because they are way more interested in sharks than dolls.  But I think a little girl would love this toy.  The Baby Alive doll comes with a baby shark costume you can dress her up in and she suitable for waterplay.



Baby Shark Melody Pad

Perfect gift for a music lover.  It plays 16 songs, including of course the Baby Shark song.  Sound quality is good and it comes with a book of lyrics.  Some of the songs are educational which is always a plus.  It lights up so its great for camping and car rides.



Play-Doh Pinkfong Baby Shark Set with 12 Non-Toxic Cans

This one is a no brainer.  Kids love Play-Doh, sharks and the Baby Shark song and this toy combines all three.  Great for building imagination and fine motor skills. Great for birthday parties – and you can use the cutters to make themed cookies for the occasion!  Be aware it doesnt come with detailed instructions on making the sharks so your mind might get a workout as well!


Puka Creations Personalized Yellow Cutie Baby Shark Light and Sound Toy

This cute toy lights up and plays the Baby Shark song.  Best of all you can have it personalized.  Ideal for children with uniquely spelled names.  It doesnt play the full song, but it is ideal for younger children.

Baby Shark Bath Toys

Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark Sing and Swim Bath Toy

If your child loves the Baby Shark song – and really, what kid doesn’t? – this is a great bath toy.  It’s water activated so it starts to sing when you put it in the tub.  Kids will love watching it wag its tail and sing.  Parents will love that it isn’t overly loud and batteries are included!  It is also nice that you can activate it out of water because this is a toy your child might not want to limit to bath time.



WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Bath Squirt Toy

If you prefer a quieter toy, this Baby Shark set is perfect.   This shark family squirts water, making them great for the tub, the pool or just outside in the summer!  The boys especially like how the dad shark looks a little scary.



Summerdays Shark Family Bath Squirt Toy

These were a big hit at my house.  A fun shark family that squirts water.  Great for bath time, pool time or just playing outside with a bucket of water on a hot day.  My boys love that the water squirts out of the sharksnoses.  EEEWWW!  It never fails to send them into a fit of giggles.


Best Shark Toy Figures

Schleich Great White Shark Figure

This is a nice sturdy plastic shark that will hold up to constant play.  The Great White is the largest predatory shark and this guy is showing some teeth!  Highly detailed and suitable for water play.



Set of Shark Toy Animals

This set comes complete with 12 sharks.  Each 3” shark is a different type and has the name written on the bottom so this is a great starter set for a little one just learning to identify different kinds of sharks!



Sharks and Deep Sea Creatures – Huge Bucket Set

If your child is into marine life, this is perfect.  41 piece set includes everything they need for hours of creative play. Container makes it easy to tote around – to the pool or the beach, or even Grandma’s house. A lot of sharks included, so your shark enthusiast will not be disappointed.


More Shark Figures

This set includes 6 detailed sharks about 6” long.  Your child can learn about the different types of sharks as the set includes a great white, a whale shark, a black tipped reef shark, lemon shark, tiger shark and a hammerhead shark.



Schleich Tiger Shark

You won’t be disappointed with this beautifully detailed 6” tiger shark.  His mouth is open and he is ready to take a bite!  Great size for a cake topper, small enough to go anywhere.  It’s suitable for water play.

Assorted Sharks

This variety pack is perfect for topping a shark-themed cake, handing out as party favors, stimulating your child’s imagination or using as an educational tool.  Each shark is a different type and nicely detailed and well-made.  We staged our own “Shark Week” in the pool with these figures!


3 Inch Assorted Whale And Shark Toy Figures

Set of 24 sharks and whales is actually 2 sets of 12 so this is perfect if you have two children; they can each have a complete set.  There is a nice variety of sharks and whales so it can be used educationally as well.  The figures are the perfect size for little hands.



Safari Brand Hammerhead Shark

The exacting detail on this hammerhead shark makes it suitable for collecting as well as for play.  It comes with educational material about hammerhead sharks so your little one can learn more about this endangered species.

Mini Plastic Shark & Whale Figures

These 24 3” pieces are perfect as bath toys, favors, prizes or cupcake toppers.  They are a great size for toddler hands and will fit in most size treat bags.  Great quality for the price.  These make a healthy alternative to candy to give out to classmates on Valentine’s Day.


Great White Shark & Killer Whale Playset

This cool playset is a great way for your little one to stretch their imagination.  It includes a mega shark, a whale, a deep sea diver, a tiger shark, a barracuda and a raft.  The boys love acting out scenarios and they especially love that the shark’s jaws really move.



Best Shark Toys – Lego

LEGO City – Deep Sea Starter Set (60091)

Don’t all boys like Legos?  Don’t all children like Legos?  This set includes a sub, treasure chest, 3 Lego figures, seaweed and a shark.  The instructions are pictures so even a younger child can assemble them.  Part of the Lego City collection.



LEGO City – Great Vehicles Fishing Boat (60147)

This Lego set comes complete with a detailed fishing boat that includes two outboard motors, 2 figures and, of course, a shark.  The shark is detailed and has a mouth that opens and closes.  Whether the boys are fishing for shark or being attacked by a shark while fishing, this playset is always a hit.

LEGO Shark and Sawfish Combo Pack

This set includes two sharks and a sawfish.  The sawfish, also known as a carpenter shark, has a nose that looks like a saw.  My boys love playing with this set, especially because they can interchange the mouths.  The pieces are very detailed and include gills and painted eyes.

LEGO Collectible Minifigure – Shark Suit Guy

This is part of the Lego Collectible Minifigure collection.  Whether the guy is wearing a shark suit or peering out of the mouth of a walking shark who has eaten him, this figure offers lots of imaginative play.


LEGO City Surfer Rescue (60011)

This set includes a Coast Guard boat with a rescue figure, a surfer and, of course, a shark.  It is perfect for allowing all kinds of play scenarios.  There’s a villain, a hero and a hapless victim!  Part of the Lego City collection.


Best Shark Toy – Stuffed Animals

Melissa & Doug Giant Shark – Lifelike Stuffed Animal

This plush shark is 41” long and nicely detailed.  It is cuddly enough to use a pillow and sturdy enough to use as a weapon against your sibling.  Just the right amount of scary!


Plush Mako Shark

This plush 20” shark comes with a tag listing interesting facts about Mako Sharks.  So it’s fun and educational.  It’s more grey than it looks in the picture, but just as soft and cuddly.  It makes a great best friend for your little one.



Plush Sharks – Mako and Hammerhead

This set includes both the 14” Mako  and a 13” Hammerhead.  This means your shark buddy will always have a shark best friend!  Best of all, your little one gets a shark for each arm.


Mako Shark

This great quality plush is super soft.  It is the perfect size for travel – easy to snuggle with in the car seat. Don’t let the softness fool you, it looks fierce.  Best of all it has teeth – the better to bite people with!


Blue Printed Hammerhead Shark Plush Toy

This plush is 24” long so it’s a good pillow as well as a good friend.  It is realistic looking and detailed.  Although appropriately soft, it holds it shape over time. Best of all, it’s a hammerhead and what’s cooler than a shark with a tool for a nose?



Tiger Shark

This shark has one of the friendlier faces among the plush sharks available. If you are looking for a plush that’s not as scary, this is a good pick.



Taddle Toes Plush Shark

A great starter shark for the smaller enthusiast.  This super soft shark is friendly and soft, beloved by kids and dogs alike! It received consistently high ratings from users.



Leopard Shark

This 21” plus will stand out from the rest of the sharks with his cool leopard spots.  On the other hand, his mouth doesn’t open so his biting ability is limited.



Bruce the Bull Shark

This 19” plush shark is very detailed and lifelike. He is a bull shark, so named for their stocky shape, broad flat snout and aggressive and unpredictable natures.  He also happens to be the perfect size to smack your brother with.

Finding Dory’s Destiny Whale Shark

Although the whale shark is the largest known shark, this one is actually small – it is part of the Ty Beanie Baby collection.  Best of all, it is made to look like Destiny, the whale shark from Finding Dory so it is sure to be a hit with your little one.



Best Shark Toys – Education and Reading

Board Books

Hand Puppet Book: Sneezy Wheezy Mr Shark

With all the electronic gizmos around, it is harder and harder to get small children to sit and be read to.  Reading to your child, however, is an important way to raise them to be a strong reader.  This book really helps capture little ones’ attention.  The shark’s mouth is a hand puppet allowing you to make him interact with your child.



Little Shark: Finger Puppet Board Book

This is another book that helps reading compete with the electronic entertainment your child is exposed to!  The book comes with a finger puppet allowing you to interactively go through the pages with your child.  Or allow your child to play with the puppet while you read.  Either way, this book is a winner!


The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark

Board books are sturdy enough for the smallest readers.  This clever retelling of the classic tale of the 3 pigs is sure to be a hit at your house.  Children love the newness of the underwater twist (“not by the skin of my finny fin fin) coupled with the predictability of a familiar story.  This makes a great teacher gift!


>>Click here for more SHARK BOARD BOOKS.<<


Shark Books

Sharks (Discovery Kids)

This reference book is a must have for shark lovers of any age.  It is filled with beautiful action shots as well as tons of information.  Your little one can learn about shark behavior, habitats and adaptations, as well as the different species and which ones are endangered.  Tons of information and beautiful pictures!


Hark! A Shark!: All About Sharks

We probably all have a favorite Dr Seuss book.  This book might be your child’s favorite if they love sharks.  The beloved Cat In The Hat will offer up tons of shark facts delivered in a concise, fun to read format.



National Geographic Readers: Sharks!

Did you know sharks can lose and regrow 10,000 teeth in their lifetime?  This book is full of interesting, fun and educational facts.  The information is presented in an easy-to-understand manner that will appeal to young shark enthusiasts. This book is a Science Reader Level 2 book.


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Sharks 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzles are great for developing hand-eye coordination and problem solving abilities.  This 100 piece shark puzzle pictures many different types of sharks, all labeled with their names.  It is educational as well as fun for the whole family!



Melissa & Doug Shark Jigsaw Puzzle (100 pcs)

This 100 piece puzzle by Melissa & Doug pictures an appropriately scary shark surrounded by stunning marine life.  It is just the right difficulty for elementary age children. Puzzles are great for developing fine motor skills and critical thinking ability and perfect for your child to do independently or as a family activity.


Howard Robinson’s Super 3D Kids 100 Pc 3D Puzzle – Ages 5+ – 12″ x 9″ – Shark Selfies

This is part of the selfie series of puzzles.  Each puzzle pictures a “selfie” taken by different animals, in this case, a bunch of sharks.  Your child will love this silly concept, especially as the pictures moves with the eyes to make it more lifelike.




4D Vision Great White Shark Anatomy Model

While this 13” model is sure to be a hit, it is really more of an educational tool than a toy.  It comes with 20 detachable parts, including organs and bones.  Also includes some educational material and questions and answers about the Great White shark.



Shark Tooth Dig Kit – By National Geographic

If your shark lover is a budding archeologist or marine biologist, then this is the perfect gift.  The kit contains three real shark tooth fossils which your child has to “unearth”.  Kit includes a pick, a brush and a magnifying glass.  Great hands-on education!


Best Shark Toys – Summer Fun at the Beach, Pool, and Bath Time

Swim Shorts

Baby Boys’ Pocket Trunks with Built-In Swim Diaper

These come with a built-in swim diaper!  No other diaper is needed.  So no more racing to the store to get a swim diaper on your way to the pool.  You can be swim ready at a moment’s notice.  Sizes 6 to 24 months.



Gymboree Baby Toddler Boys’ Shark Swim Trunk

Our toddler will get a kick out of a big fish with teeth getting ready to eat a little fish while at the same time being chased by a bigger shark.  Bright colors hold up to multiple washings.  Elastic waist for snug fit.



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Swim Sets

iXtreme Baby Stripe with Shark Rash Guard Set

These cute shorts come with a matching top.  Great if you need to run errands before or after the pool.  Also great sun protection for your little one.  Drawstring waist for a perfect fit.



Uv Skinz Boys 3-piece Shark Swim Set

If you are concerned about protecting your little one from the harmful rays of the sun, this set is a great choice.  UPF 50+ sun protection.  Set includes shorts, shirt and a bucket hat.  Drawstring waist for better fit.


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Swim Goggles

Stephen Joseph Shark Swim Goggles

These super cool goggles feature scary grey sharks.  My son thinks he looks like a shark with them on, which helps him be especially fearless when it’s time for swim lessons.  They are fully adjustable and keep all the water out of his eyes.



TYR Character Pink Shark Swimming Goggle

These cute googles feature pink sharks!  Straps and bridge are both adjustable so you can get a perfect fit.  These are a great way to encourage your little one to put their face in the water.  They are super durable and hold up to constant use.

Water Gear Animal Swim Swim Goggles Shark

These goggles have friendly looking grey sharks on them.  Perfect if your child doesn’t like their sharks “too scary”.  They make life easier at the pool, the beach or even in the tub.



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Swim Caps

Kids Silicone Shark Swim Cap

This adorable swim cap is sure to be a favorite for any shark lover.  The scary blue shark has its mouth open ready to eat some unsuspecting prey.  The material is soft and stretchy for a comfy fit. For ages 3 to 12.



Swesy Cartoon Fish Design Shark Kids Swimming Cap

It will be easy to keep track of your child if they are wearing this brightly colored swim cap!  It has a comfy fit and it stays in place.  Perfect for the beach, the pool or at swim lessons.  Material is very durable.



Great White Shark Silicone Swim Cap

This scary bathing cap is sure to be a hit.  We always get lots of comments on it.  The quality is excellent and it fits well, keeping the hair underneath perfectly dry.


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Beach/Shower Towels

Great White Shark Beach/Shower Towel

The shark on this towel is great for the child who wants a scary shark.  The bright colors continue to look good wash after wash.  It is absorbent and soft and holds up well.



Stephen Joseph Shark Hooded Towel

Your child will love to snuggle up in this hooded shark towel.  This 100% cotton, machine washable towel is too cute for words.  The lightweight material is absorbent without being heavy, making it easy to tote around.  Wonderful for the pool or after bath time.



Northpoint Pirate Shark Kids Hooded Beach Towel

The only thing better than being a shark is being a pirate shark.  Let your child’s imagination run wild when they “dress up” in this hooded towel.  It’s lightweight enough to run around wearing – at the pool, the beach or in the living room!



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Bath Toys

Rubber Floating Shark Family Bathtub Pals

This scary looking mama shark and her three babies will offer your shark lover hours of fun in or out of the water.  All four sharks float and the mama can carry her babies.  Great way to get your child to love bath time.


Melissa & Doug Shark Fish Hunt Pool Game

This adorable pool game features six fish that slowly sink in the water and two nets to try to catch them with.  Set includes play ideas for one to seven players.  Great way to work on hand-eye coordination, counting, swimming and teamwork.  Play in the pool or in the tub.


SwimWays Gobble Gobble Guppies

The big fish gobbles up four smaller ones in this imaginative play set.  The smaller fish float so they are easy to keep track of.  Best of all, they come in different colors and numbered one to four so they make an excellent educational resource for your little one.   They’re a super big hit in our kiddie pool!


Ubbi Shark Bath Toys for Toddlers and Baby

These 3 cute sharks are actually stackable cups.  Now I can finally pour water over the boys’ heads (to rinse the shampoo) without a fight!  These toys are great for stacking, filling and pouring or carrying pirates and army men around the tub.  We just run them through the dishwasher to keep them clean.

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Shark Baking & Cooking Supplies and Candies

Shark Sucker Chocolate Mold

This item combines two of the boys favorite things – sharks and chocolate!  Molds include a lot of detail and produce realistic looking chocolate sharks. Perfect for treats or party favors.  They can also be used to make shark-shaped soap which makes getting the boys to wash their hands a lot easier.



Shark’s Fin Mold

These molds are super versatile.  You can put them in the microwave, the oven or the freezer.  That means you can make shark fin ice cubes, muffins, candy, cake, Jello – the possibilities are endless.  It’s a great way to get the boys to eat zucchini muffins or other healthy treats!

Light Duty Oven Mitt

This item is not suitable for super hot dishes, but you wouldn’t want your child handling those anyway.  It is perfect for allowing them to handle warm dishes and a great way to get them excited about helping out in the kitchen.  The boys also love chasing each other around the house with it.



Large Gummy Sharks Candy

What’s not to love about gummy candy?  It’s even more fun when it’s shaped like a shark.  These look great on top of cupcakes or a cake made to look like a swimming pool.  The blue raspberry flavor is a perennial favorite.  Perfect color and shape for shark-themed parties.


Shark Suckers

These shark suckers make great treats or rewards.  They are also great as party favors or as a way to celebrate Shark Week.  They look cool and they taste great.



Mini Shark Squirts

These are the best!  The boys play with them around the house, use them as squirt guns in the yard and take them in the tub and to the pool.  Squirting someone with water never gets old when you’re a little kid!  They make great cake toppers and party favors as well.


Trolli Sour Watermelon Sharks Gummy Candy

These sour gummy sharks have a great watermelon flavor the boys love.  We use them as a reward for good behavior or a small dessert.  They look cool inside a clear cup filled with blue Jello.

Shark Party Supplies

Plastic Tableclothes

Ocean Shark Plastic Tablecloth, 84″ x 54″

Anyone who has bought plastic party tablecloths knows they are often printed only on the sides and completely white on top where they are most visible.  This tablecloth has fish and bubbles printed on the top, making it much more festive.  Best of all, the sharks are cartoon so not too scary, but still a little scary, because isn’t that the point?  This pattern is available in matching plates, cups, napkins and treat bags making it great for parties.


Awesome SHARK Tablecloth/Plastic 54″ x 108″

This tablecloth is solid blue, which is nice.  The sides are printed with waves and shark fins.  It is perfect for an outdoor party, especially a pool party.



Shark Cups

Molded Jawsome Shark Cups

These cups come in a set of 12 and are always a big hit.  They make great party favors, or drink cups when setting the table for a shark-themed party.  If you want to use them for every day, just keep as many as you need and give the rest away as cute add-on gifts for all the shark lovers in your life.



Ocean Shark Party Cups

Set includes 8 – 9oz cups which are great for serving drinks, ice cream or small snacks.  This pattern is available in matching plates, napkins, treat bags and tablecloths making it great for parties.  Perfect for a shark-themed birthday party, a Sharknado party or a Shark Week celebration.  Best of all, the sharks are cartoon so not too scary, but still a little scary, because isn’t that the point?



Ocean Shark Party Napkins

16 matching napkins to add additional flare to your occasion.  This pattern is available in matching cups, plates, treat bags and tablecloths making it great for parties.  Perfect for a shark-themed birthday party, a Sharknado party or a Shark Week celebration.  Best of all, the sharks are cartoon so not too scary, but still a little scary, because isn’t that the point?


Shark Splash Napkins

Also comes in 16 count.  This pattern is a little more menacing than the cartoon shark pattern.  Perfect for a party where you are going for a “scarier” feel.




Ocean Shark Dinner Plates

Package of 8 plates, each measuring just under 9”.  This pattern is available in matching cups, napkins, treat bags and tablecloths making it great for parties.  Perfect for a shark-themed birthday party, a Sharknado party or a Shark Week celebration.  Best of all, the sharks are cartoon so not too scary, but still a little scary, because isn’t that the point?


Shark Splash Photo Opportunity Poster

This poster measures 40” x 50”.  It offers a photo opportunity for party guests to take a picture with their head in a shark’s mouth.  It can be used indoors by hanging in an open doorway.  Adults and kids alike enjoyed taking pictures with it.  We printed out copies and sent them with our Thank You cards for a fun keepsake.



Cupcake Stand

Shark Cupcake Stand

This three-tiered pastry stand makes a great centerpiece for your food table.  Can hold 24 cupcakes.  Also looks great with clear cups of blue Jello containing gummy sharks.  Made of paper-covered foam, it features several “scary” looking sharks.



Treat boxes/Bags

Shark Treat Boxes

These 5” tall boxes come in a pack of 12.  They look great and are a big hit with kids, but they are a bit on the small side, so choose smaller treats.  Well worth the price and they look great on the table!



Ocean Shark Goodie Bags

These goodie bags come in a set of 8.  They are 9” x 7” and will hold a fair amount of treats.  This pattern is available in matching cups, plates, napkins and tablecloths making it great for parties.  Perfect for a shark-themed birthday party, a Sharknado party or a Shark Week celebraion.  Best of all, the sharks are cartoon so not too scary, but still a little scary, because isn’t that the point?


Party Decorations

Shark Whirls, 32-Inch to 3-Feet

These five hanging sharks will be the hit of your party.  The boys wanted them hung in their bedroom afterwards so they can continue to enjoy them.  Different types of sharks on each whirl.  Also a hit at Sharknado parties and Shark Week celebrations. These come in various colors and are between 32 and 36 inches (about 3 feet).


Shark Splash Happy Birthday Banner

This banner is the bomb.  It is 8’ long by 7” high, brightly colored and attractive.  The real hit with the kids was the fact that each letter has at least one bite taken out of it by a shark.  Made of light cardboard, it is durable enough to withstand the rowdiest of party guests.

Shark Splash Hanging Decorations

These three hanging decorations will be a hit at any shark-themed party.  The sign has a shark fin on top and a bite taken out of the bottom.  This same design is available in napkins, a poster and a giant banner.  Comes in a 3-pack.



Inflatable Sharks

You can buy these as party decorations, but you will end up keeping them as toys.  The kids loved bopping one another and sword fighting with these cute inflatables.  You get a set of three, one each of red, white and blue.  They are 24” long and great for pool parties.

Scary Shark Attack Door Cover or Banner

The perfect beginning to your shark themed event – greet your guest with this scary shark door cover.  It was such a hit the boys wanted to keep it on their bedroom door.  It always feels better to spend money on party supplies when you know they will have a life after the party.  Size is 30in wide by 60in long.

Shark Halloween Costumes

Man-Eating Shark Costume

What child wouldn’t want to be a shark for Halloween?  Especially a man-eating shark – that was actually eating a man!  This cool costume is a huge hit for Trick or Treat; a lot of people want a picture or call someone else over to see it.  It’s a real crowd pleaser with kids and adults.



Shark Child Costume

This is a great costume for the child who wants to be a shark.  Easy to put on and comfy to wear.  What’s more, your child’s face remains uncovered so their vision is not constricted.  Stuffing the fins with tissue makes them more realistic looking.  This was a hit at Trick-or-Treat and my son continued to wear it long afterwards.


Katy Perry Left Shark Adult Standard Costume

This shark costume is adult size.  It includes blue booties to cover your shoes.  It is great if you are taking your shark-lover Trick-or-Treating or hosting a shark-themed event like a child’s party or a Shark Week celebration.  Who didn’t get a kick out of that crazy left shark at the Superbowl Halftime show?



Women’s Cozy Shark Costume

This shark costume is also adult size, but made for ladies.  Perfect for the mom who goes Trick-or-Treating with the kids, the teacher whose class is doing a unit on sharks, or the girl who wants to watch Sharknado in style.  Fit runs a bit small so you may want to order a size larger than usual.


Baby’s Silly Shark Costume

Nothing is cuter than this baby shark costume – except your baby wearing it!  It is a perfect costume for your shark lover’s little brother or sister.  They are sure to be the hit of any party in this adorable getup.



Inflatable Shark Costume

This costume is perfect if you are looking for a great costume with no fuss.  It is super quick to put on and take off and one size fits all.  It needs 4 AA batteries (not included) to inflate it.  It’s comfortable to wear and just a lot of FUN.


Fascination with Sharks

 This journey started with a fascination with sharks, resulting in this review site for the best shark toys. In this post I would like to introduce you to the idea of sharks and toys.

Sharks are amazing creatures. Ever since I was a child, I had a fascination with them. Now, as a father of two boys and one of them being a shark fanatic, I am brought back to that same fascination as I watch my son come alive with the mention of sharks.

It seems that my son is way more fascinated with sharks than I ever was, probably due to the abundance of products and media available today compared to 30 years ago. My oldest son, the shark fanatic who is now nearly 4 years old, is an expert on sharks, being able to name them from just a quick glance. Now every time we would get a new toy, he would ask for a shark toy to add to his collection. Each toy is something he treasured and played with daily. Many times, I would join in with another toy shark and we would pretend to be swimming in the air. This provided hours of fun. At other times, we would play with these toys in the bath, which created a more realistic setting (at least more real than swimming in air). Of course, we had lots of toys that were food for the shark, such as fish and other sea creatures.

Eventually we will run out of toys to buy, but in the meantime we will enjoy playing with these toys.

In the following posts, I would like to share with you my research into the shark toy world and the best shark toys available today. I plan to cover every toy that is available to you. Of course, you can get some from odd places such as the garage sale, but I will focus on those that you can get right now without much inconvenience. There will be hard toys, soft toys, car toys, wearables, and much more. Stay tuned for more to come.

I hope you find the information useful. Now go get some toys.